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I'm a writer, a photographer, a blogger, a videographer, a mom...

...a bookworm, a black sheep, a reluctant existentialist, a magical realist, a champion of underdogs, a collector of absurdities, a gadfly, a birthday candle wisher, a bliss-follower and a long-winded rambler. I was born and raised in Austin, Texas but headed west right after college. Los Angeles is home.


After a brief dalliance with film and TV, I have enjoyed working for over 25 years as a freelance writer in advertising, marketing, internet content, journalism, branding, copywriting, professional blogging, ghostwriting and short fiction.   As a street photographer, I exhibit my photographs and license them for commercial use.  I also make videos


I make all kinds of cool things with my photographs .  Some of them are here.  

I co-founded Allee Obscura, LLC  -- a company developing creative,  amusing, magical things -- with my husband Jon Allee.  We have new creations to share coming in 2021. 

It's no longer archived, since the site let all its columnists go in favor of a free blogging model, but  for several years I had a weekly multimedia column published at Patch called Views From the Front Porch.  

Speaking of blogging: I don't have a Medium or a Substack, but I like to fancy myself the Charles Foster Kane of my very own old-school blog empire.  (Sans Xanadu and, alas, no Rosebud, but definitely with high contrast noir lighting...)

I'm a passionate blogger and street photographer, and still believe the Internet can democratize art, film and literature... if people will just get off social media long enough to do it.   


I regularly post street photos of greater Los Angeles at my blog Glancing About.


My book lover's blog Books With Laurie  and its sister site Life Analog launched August 1, 2019.  (And yes, I admit it's ironic to use websites to advocate for spending less time online...)

A new passion project Tarot With Laurie launches in early 2021.

From 2008-2018, I wrote articles  and shot photos and video for my award-winning daily blog, Glimpses of South Pasadena.  I consider it a love letter to my chosen home town.


From 2016-2018 I covered ethical style and slow fashion at my blog Chic Contraire. 

Look here for links to my other blogs.


Someday I'll finally finish my novel.  


I live in Los Angeles  with my husband and daughter. (And a shaggy, little dog who is addicted to playing fetch.) 

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