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Pandemic Library coming soon

For Twitter followers who find me here, I'm working on a website that duplicates all of my Twitter threads. If Twitter finally goes full OceanGate, please check back here for updates, and an eventual link to the pandemic site. I'm shooting to go live in August.

I have compiled and organized thousands of studies and discussions on Twitter in the last 2 years, so duplication is slow. I work on this project during my free time when I'm not occupied with work and other responsibilities. Progress has been hindered by Twitter's recent restrictions on reading posts (even those you casually scroll past) and frequent malfunctions in search functionality.

You can also find me as @laurieallee at most Twitter alternatives, although I am not active (yet) on any of them. I will update on Twitter until the wheels fall off, and will migrate to whichever new site replaces the blue bird.

This is my official Mastodon account. Any others are mirror accounts for Twitter and not me.


I'm also @laurieallee on Spoutible, Tribel, Counter.Social and Post. I am not on Threads, or any other sites.


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